Top Florida Multifamily Housing Renovations & Construction

At SWET Construction Group, we work with multifamily housing owners and managers to provide quality and affordable construction and renovations.  Ensuring our approaches, methods and services are matching the current demands and trends.

Like the clients we work with, we have new machinery and technology as well as an ever-growing emphasis on safety, high quality and environmentally sound practices.

SWET Construction Group is Committed to the Evolution of Multifamily housing communities

We focus on our clients’ needs and operational value.

We apply Lean Construction concepts and methods to reduce waste.

We bring highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals to your project.

We partner with our clients for a large variety of projects of all types and sizes, often involving specific skills, expertise and resources.

Apply leading edge technology, provide leadership, streamline design to meet the projects requirements within budget.

Cost Effective

Renovations present the opportunity to reduce your facility’s energy demand by installing energy-efficient insulation, doors, windows, fixtures, and appliances. Not only will this keep your operating costs down, it will make your multifamily housing more attractive to tenants.

SWET Construction Group takes great pride in the integrated approach to designs and space planning for positive impacts not only for the building but also for the environment.

Today’s apartments are healthier, smarter and more all-inclusive than ever before. Residence are looking to reduce their energy cost, green building materials, as well as incorporating the latest high-tech device, where they can connect their phone to their home to check their energy consumption.

SWET Construction Group bridges the gap between visualizing a concept and making the project reality with cohesive spaces, rooms and designs that flow together both aesthetically and functionally. Whether it’s a new construction or renovation, we make the experience enjoyable by taking you through the process of building and designing, to ensure your project has the look and feel you imagine.