Construction & Renovation Of Multifamily Housing; Exterior & Interior

Owners and managers of Multifamily housing communities in the Southeastern United Stated, Florida, Georgia, understand taking care of their property maintenance is the only way to retain and attract new tenants, customers and clients and maintain property value.

The easiest way to achieve this is to partner with SWET Construction Company, we have the expertise in a variety of areas including:

Exterior Renovations

Concrete forms, reinforcements, and pouring

Structural metal framing, welding, metal fabrications, fencing, and ornamental work

Rough carpentry, sup-floor repairs, and finish carpentry

Gutters, insulation, roofing, flashing/sheet metal and sealants

Doors, frames, windows, siding and hardware

Roofing, exterior painting and waterproofing

Swimming pool refinishing

Upgrading individual units with a stylish modern feel can quickly improve the appearance. Even low-cost upgrades make a big impact. Replacing or resurfacing cabinets and new countertops can freshen and update the look of a kitchen. Outdated styles can make a negative impression.

Interior Renovations

Sheetrock, tile, carpet, wood and vinyl footing

Cabinets, shelving, doors and hardware

Finish carpentry

Plumbing and HVAC

Electrical, mechanical and lighting

Fire protection and interior painting

You can’t make a second first impression! Inviting exterior projects such as, new exterior paint or siding, walkways, outdoor living areas, playgrounds, pool area, and landscaping are great investments. Over time wear and tear takes a toll on every property and can make it look unattractive.

The most important and valuable renovations are those that affect the overall appearance of the property and safety and convince for the tenants and clients. Partnering with SWET Construction Group will manage all the detail to ensure the building is the best possible shape, ADA compliant and up to code.

Don’t under-estimate the importance of upgrading and energy efficiency of the building interior and exterior, they can have significant cost savings as well as add to the value of the property.

It’ easy to get overwhelmed with up-dates, repairs or renovations. Partnering with SWET Construction Group can save you money while adding value to your property.

At SWET Construction Group, we focus on the community, environment, happiness, health and economic viability for every project. With our experienced team, advanced knowledge of construction, high quality products, on-site management, turn-key solutions and precise estimation, we deliver on budget and on time results for your construction needs. Contact SWET Construction Group for your next project.