Affordable Orlando Multifamily Housing Construction & Renovations

Multi-Family housing in the Southeastern United States, Florida and Georgia, have become the more consistent and powerful investments opportunities. Though some investors may see multi-family housing as expensive or a lot of work, they end up missing out on an incredible investment with excellent returns. A few exceptional characteristics that make investing in multi-family housing something you shouldn’t miss out on include:

Increased demand with limited supply

New construction of multifamily housing is at a 40 year low, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Yet we are seeing a large influx in rentals due to restrictive lending, baby boomers downsizing and the millennial generation joining the rental market.

Sustainable in all Economic Cycles

Multi-family housing and apartments tend to keep their value and have greater resiliency during difficult economic downturns. A recent study done by the National Multi-Family Housing Council shows single family housing makes up only one-third of rental property, while multi-family housing makes up 63 percent.

Vacancy Rates

The potential return on Investment is directly affected by the vacancy rates. The fact is, historically the lowest vacancy rate of any housing type is multi-family housing.

According to Realtor Magazine, “your multifamily home will rarely sit completely unoccupied, even during high turnover seasons. This fact gives you the leeway you need to repair or renovate vacant units, and the time you’ll need to find quality tenants rather than accepting the first person who submits a rental application.”

A Historically Great Investment

For decades, investors of multi-family housing has reaped the rewards, yet there are still many tenants joining the rental community every day.  According to the National Multi-Family Housing Council, 63% of rentals are from multi-family housing and less than one-third are from single family homes. The Best Return. Though the initial investment may be higher the price per unit is much lower than single family homes and the monthly income is on the number of units.

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SWET Construction Group handles all aspects of renovation and repair services, including disaster repair, from the demolition to the finished project.

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