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Exterior Renovation

At SCG, we are able to complete partial or full exterior building design services. We work closely with you during every phase of the project, from feasibility and scope development, through engineering and construction work, thermal imaging, and demolition as needed. Our thorough process ensures an unparalleled level of efficiency.


We work to keep all structurally sound components of the building in place while replacing outdated or unstable materials. We can also reverse the ill effects of short and long-term water damage.


Exterior renovation services include:

  • Concrete forms, reinforcement, and pouring
  • Structural metal framing, welding, metal fabrication, fencing, and ornamental work
  • Rough carpentry, sub-floor repairs, and finish carpentry
  • Gutters, insulation, roofing, flashing/sheet metal and sealants
  • Doors, frames, windows, siding, and hardware
  • Exterior painting and waterproofing
  • Swimming pool refinishing
  • Site work, including earthwork, drainage, site utilities, paving/surfacing, lighting, and landscaping
  • Roofing