Multifamily Housing Development For High Return On Investment

Multifamily housing in the Southeastern United States, Florida and Georgia, is predicted to continue growing in both popularity and competition. Which means staying ahead of the game is vital.

‘Green’ buildings are in high demand. Once thought of as a trend, ‘Green’ building are here to stay. Whether it’s incorporating renewable energy, sustainable building materials, or energy efficiency solutions, developers, contractors, and owners are integrating ‘green’ construction into their projects, for both new construction and renovations of existing buildings.

Technology on the job site. Mobile technology, such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones will have a big impact on the construction site, increasing productivity, efficiently manage projects, keeping workers safe, and software applications.

Construction of apartments, condominiums and multi-family housing will continue to rise. According to statistics, Florida has over 1,000 new people moving to the sunny state everyday. It’s also one of the top vacation destinations in the World. More people are also retiring to the warm environment faster than ever. Most of these residence are will be looking for the convenience and ease of multi-family living.

A large increase in retail, hospitality and healthcare construction. Many building in the Florida and Georgia areas have been around awhile, renovations will be necessary to keep up with the competition. Modernizing current buildings will make them more efficient, sustainable, effective and streamline operations. According to the forecast of the census growth, educational campuses will grow 5.8%, healthcare environments will grow 7.8%, and significant growth in self-contained communities.

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