Multifamily Housing Construction In Florida; What You Need To Know

Real estate developers are finding multifamily housing a very lucrative investment. As with most kind of property developments, there are unique challenges. Having knowledge of the industry and the direction you want to go, is important for your project.

Multifamily housing construction; what does it mean?

A property with high density housing that will be rented out for income, is considered multifamily development. They often have property managers who handle the day to day events.

Is Multifamily housing A good investment?

In today’s economy, multifamily housing is usually a good investment, generating considerable profits. They are typically considered low-risk investment compared to others. Of course, this depends on the construction company you choose.

Architectural styles of multifamily housing

Whether your project is an affordable housing or luxury multifamily development, there are a few categories

Low-rise properties   These usually have one or two stories

Mid-rise properties.   These buildings are typically five to seven stories.

High-rise properties.   This classification has seven stories or higher.

The new era of multi-family housing rentals

Preserving your current property:  Look at renovating what you already have before thinking about new construction.

Inclusive and sustainable Communities: The new era of rental housing will reflect the importance of transportation, sustainable and walkable environments.

Not just a building, a community: Renters will be looking for neighbors who become family, with authentic social spaces.

Upgraded technology: The new era of multi-family housing will be innovative and forward-thinking, up to date technology, construction and building types, preparing for the future.

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