Multifamily Construction; Top Florida Market

The apartment and multi-family construction boom in the Southeastern United States, from Miami, Orlando, Georgia and North Carolina, won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Due to the strong demand, vacancy rates are very low while rents are on the rise.

Here are a few features the new renters are going to be looking for:

High End Amenities

Renters today come in all ages, but they all expect a higher level of amenities. Not only top notch kitchens and bathrooms, they are looking for laundry and dry cleaning delivery, dog walkers, car and dog washing stations, top of the line pools and workout facilities.

Up Dated Design

Renters will also be looking for more distinctive and creative design of multi-family housing. Millennial, who make up a good percent of renters usually people between 20 and 30 years old, are attracted to a ‘personal brand.

Green Construction and the Latest Technology

Both of these are essential for success in today’s construction and renovations. ‘Green’ and energy efficient practices not only reduce energy cost and maintenance during construction and operational practices, they are economically more efficient, environmentally responsible, and lessen the building’s carbon footprint. SWET Construction Group ensures energy-efficient designs are implemented during construction or remodeling.

Renters Come in All Ages

While many multi-family housing are focusing on the younger renters, downsizing baby boomers still make up a good percentage. High Demand Leads to a Rise in Rent. Experts in the industry all agree, there will be a significant increase in renters and rent will continue to rise.

SWET Construction Group is a leader in new construction and renovations of multi family housing industry. Partnering with us will not only keep your construction costs low while achieving a beautiful architectural design, they will ensure your project is a great success by displaying quality traits such as preparedness, flexibility and awareness.

We encourage you to contact SWET Construction Group to discuss your building project. Our professionals will show you, examples and discuss options. We are able to work within your budget and will suggest cost saving options for your project.

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