Attract Renters To Your Florida Multifamily Housing Community

If you own or manage a multifamily housing community in the Southeastern U.S., do you know what your tenants really want? Is your property keeping up with the competition?

Here are a few ways to attract tenants to your multifamily housing community


Safety has become a major issue everywhere. There are measures to promote security that will attract renters.


New lighting systems can keep your parking lots, always, doorways, and grounds well lit, while saving you money and entry.


While it may sound like a big expense, having a gate system will help reduce incidence of theft and deter unwanted guests. Which will definitely attract tenants concerned about safety.


A very popular selling point, is offering your tenants a security monitoring system. Installing in bulk and decreases the cost significantly.


Upgrades don’t always have to break the bank, it is an investment that will attract tenants. New countertops, stainless appliances, upgraded hardware, new paint, updated fixtures, modern window coverings, and flooring.

Going Green

Renovations of your multifamily housing presents the opportunity to reduce your property’s energy demand by installing energy-efficient insulation, doors, windows, fixtures, and appliances. Not only will this keep your operating costs down, it will make your multifamily housing more attractive to tenants. SWET Construction Group takes great pride an integrated approach to design and space planning for positive impacts not only for the building but also for the environment.

Keeping up with the Industry Trends, Key for Success

SWET Construction Group partners with owners of Multi-family housing to increase their return on their investment. We offer competitive pricing, innovative practices, clear communications and a trusted partnership. We also provide insights, essential data, news and extensive information to better inform their clients and strengthen their market position.

The expert management team at SWET Construction Group is proud to provide cost competitive turnkey projects. All of our projects receive continuous supervision, customer satisfaction and attention to detail, from beginning to end.

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