Cost Effective Florida Multifamily Construction & Renovations

Does your multifamily housing appeal to millennials and Gen Z? Understanding the lifestyles of both groups can benefit your apartment housing.

Both groups have a few things in common, they don’t want to be tied down and both struggle with increasing interest rate making and competitive home buying market. Making multifamily housing units in high demand.

Understanding the lifestyles and hobbies of your tenants can go a long way in choosing amenities for your housing.

Creating a resort like community, vibrant and carefree service, and maintenance free is what many tenants have come to expect.

This can mean creating a high end, walk in closet with an organizing system. An updated swimming pool area. New paint, inside and out, can really make your units stand out.

Improvements in LED lighting, smart locks and a camera system to help residents feel secure, smart lighting and thermostat systems, safety features can definitely make all the difference for tenants.

Amenities that bring renters together, building the sense of community and encourage connection, keep tenants happy and encourage them to stay longer. Less turnovers means higher return on investment. This can also include social gathering areas, dog parks, rooftop decks, community gardens, and even coffee bars.

Boosting the value of your multifamily housing

Whether it is a new apartment building that just needs some freshening or an older property that needs upgrades to keep up with the competition, it is worth the investment. It will attract potential tenants and you can generate higher rent.

Ensuring your multifamily housing stays ahead of the game, means you need the right construction and design team. SWET Construction Group is built on a foundation of high standards and experience. Our technical knowledge in construction, quality design, planning and operations, is unmatched.

The goal at SWET Construction Group is to maximize the value of multifamily housing investments. Focusing on enhancing the value of your real estate investment. Our leadership team is powered by our proven track record and key industry relationships.

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