Multifamily Housing Contractor; Renovations & Development

Choosing a contractor for your next multifamily housing development or renovation is a decision that can make or break your project. If you are investing in a commercial construction, it is important to choose a qualified contractor, who you have the confidence will get the job done correctly.

New Flooring

Flooring in multifamily housing really takes a beating. Old flooring can make a property look worn and aged. New flooring will and style and beauty to a property.

Trendy looking floors will make a unit feel modern and luxurious. They are also easier to maintain and renters are willing to pay a higher rent for them.

Modern lighting

An easy and budget friendly way increase the value of your multifamily housing property, is with stylish and energy efficient lighting fixtures. Overhead lighting, wall sconces, and other fixtures have an updated appearance.

Modern fixtures also use significantly less energy than older ones, eco-friendly features are very attractive to renters.

Upgraded plumbing

Replacing old plumbing pipes is a sizable and smart investment. Water leaks, damage, and mold, are costly to repair.

State of the art plumbing fixtures, such as low flow toilets, energy efficient faucets, hot water heaters, safe garbage disposals, will not only give the unit an updated and fresh link, they use less water.

Energy efficient windows

New energy efficient windows enhance curb appeal and property value. Tenants will feel safer because of the advance locking mechanism. They are also low maintenance.

If you are looking for a low budget remodeling project, windows may be the way to go. Heat transfer from outdated windows can affect the energy usage, accounting for as much as 25% of the electric bill.

Choosing the right contractor for you multifamily housing makes all the difference

For The Highest Returns, Partner With Someone You Can Trust

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