Multifamily Housing Construction; Ahead Of The Competition

With the economic fluctuation expected in the new year, shifting demographics, and an intentional focus on sustainable living, multifamily housing developments are facing new barriers and need to be more strategic than ever.

At SWET Construction, we take pride in ensuring our clients stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of the industry.


Today’s tenants are environmentally conscious and make decisions based on their eco-friendly values.  Integrating sustainable materials and green technologies is something renters are looking for. Incorporating them into your multifamily housing can give your property an edge.

Community Amenities

A “home” in a multifamily housing expands beyond the four walls, into the community and amenities. Creating a community driven environment with pet parks, fitness centers, rooftop gardens, communal lounges and co-working spaces

Digital Integration, Smart Devices, and Security 

The new renter is looking for tech-savvy devices, smart home capabilities, high speed internet, and integrated technology. 

Safety has become a big issue in multifamily housing. Tenants want to feel safe.  

More than just Wi-fi in common areas, but smart thermostats, smart lock systems, security, surround sound, digital showers, and reduce energy with smart vents.

Good Investments 

Sprucing up and adding a few amenities can go a long way. New interior and exterior paint, updated flooring, windows, doors, cabinets, lighting, refinishing the swimming pool, and adding a new roof, are all great investments. As well as the addition of an exercise room, yoga studio, common areas, and outdoor recreation.

It can be challenging to set your apartment and multi-family housing apart from the other properties on the market. Investing in a few luxury touches can help draw in new renters and retain existing ones. As well as getting top dollar for rent.

Smart Changes Can Increase the Value of Your Property

As a leader in the industry, the team at SWET Construction Group can help you protect your investment. We are  a full service company who understands the big picture and well as the small details.

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