Central Florida Multifamily Housing Construction & Renovation; High ROI

Owning or managing a multifamily housing building in Florida, Georgia, North or South Carolina, comes with a lot of decisions. One of which involves how you should renovate.

It used to be new carpet and a fresh coat of paint would do the trick, but today’s market has evolved. The key to choosing the right renovations and upgrades is combining an abundance of benefits to the tenants’ quality of life with a high return on investment. Finding this balance is what SWET Construction Group will help you decide.

Improvements inside the units

Adding luxury to the units in your multifamily housing has grown in popularity. For instance, granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Today’s renters are looking for upgraded appliances and access to high speed internet.

Sustainable practices

Multifamily housing communities improving their bottom line with ‘Green Practices’, they are attracting the next generation of renters. A recent study shows up to 80 percent of tenants look for these green and eco-friendly building, appliances, and amenities, are beneficial to their well-being.

According to Multifamily Biz

Green features save owners approximately 33 million dollars across 200,000 buildings. Additionally, buildings that embrace green design recoup associated costs of the project within six to seven years, significantly less than the typical industry average. Given the numbers, multifamily sector can expect to see more communities using natural resources, like bamboo, wool, and reclaimed wood, during construction.

Environmentally friendly features can also help your community join the ranks of LEED-certified homes, which save up to 60 percent in energy costs. That’s right—it’s quite simple to cut expenses by offering eco-friendly amenities where possible. Advanced heating and cooling systems, stainless steel appliances, and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures aren’t slowing down in popularity, as sustainability becomes a cohesive goal for everyone within the multifamily industry.

Creating An Attractive Lifestyle

SWET Construction Group takes into account the new multifamily housing industry, create a living experience that caters to residents lifestyle and community. We are an integrated construction firm in the Southeastern United States.

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