Central Florida Multifamily Housing Construction Group

When it comes to multifamily housing in Florida and Georgia, resident retention is jus as important as attracting new tenants.

Creating a great impression for potential tenants is vital. It sets the tone for the rest of their experience.

Today’s apartments are healthier, smarter and more all-inclusive than ever before. Residence are looking to reduce their energy cost, green building materials, as well as incorporating the latest high-tech device, where they can connect their phone to their home to check their energy consumption.

Ensuring there is something to offer each type of tenant

In one instance, the common area adjacent to the mail room, instead of a simple station, SWET Construction Group renovated it into a cafe, with inviting seating and a bar area, with plenty of natural opportunities to mingle and meet new friends.

It was a huge success! It also included a package pick up area, safeguarded from porch pirates.

Multi-Family housing renovations in the Orlando and Atlanta areas are SWET Construction Groups specialty. From the roof to the foundation and everything in between, we give you the results you’re looking for.

We start by meeting with you to determine your expectations and outline your requirements. SWET Construction Group then develops an accurate, clear and complete scope of work.

Once renovations begin, SWET Construction Group commits to complete customer satisfaction and completion of a quality job in a timely manner, while adhering to the budget. We maintain a positive relationship with management, associates and the residents.

SWET construction simplifies the process and makes your renovation projects and new construction achievable.

Most renovation construction involves external improvements, first impressions can make all the difference. Painting or new siding can dramatically improve a building, while replacing the roof, updating balconies, new fencing and replacing gutters can quickly add to the curb appeal.